Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rehearsing without Principals!

Tuesday night — The cast of the Sugar Creek Players' production of To Kill a Mockingbird has been the dictionary definition of flexible. Take Tuesday night: I had scheduled the courtroom scene to run all the way through twice. Problem was, we were missing our defense attorney, prosecuting attorney, and our defendant!

No worries. Jerry Bowie and Matt Clark took over as Atticus Finch, the former in yet another slightly ironic performance! Alex Livengood stepped in as Mr. Gilmer and was terrific as he guided his witnesses through their testimony.

With spring break on the horizon, we're gearing up to do a lot of pinch-hitting for one another. Fortunately, we are — if anything — a flexible bunch.
The Ewells: Mayella (Alli Aldrich) and Bob (Stephen Morillo)

Sheriff Heck Tate (Matt Mayberry) listens to Mayella Ewell (Alli Aldrich)

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